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The success of the latest “the Idea of North” contest requesting reviews has far surpassed anything I imagined. All of the free copies placed for download were snatched up in the first two days. I originally planned the giveaways to be available until the end of April, but you guys were so amazing, there just aren’t any left!

If you were one of the early birds quick enough to snag a copy, please let me know who you are so I can send you prank emails and pervy phone calls at 3AM

If you haven’t read tIoN yet, and would like to, the book is available on all of your favorite digital formats as well as in physical paperback for those who need to turn actual pages. All you have to do is click on the book covers on the right side of this page …

(I might even have a couple extra free copies laying around somewhere on my digital shelves too…so send me a message using the form below and work your magic to twist my arm enough to make me give one to you!)

Thanks again for all of your support! It means more than you know…